JAWS in Leamington Spa, UK

JAWS@ZEPHYRThe upcoming Birmingham 4-piece band, Jaws, played on April 1st in a small venue called Zephyr Lounge in Leamington Spa, UK. They were brilliant live and sounded as fresh, if not better, as they do on the tracks recorded in a studio. They absolutely smashed the set and provided the audience with great tunes that you couldn’t help at least tap your foot to.

“Toucan Surf” stood out the most from all the other songs that they played and was one that you could really move too. The upbeat beat and the contradiction of the grungy sound of vocals worked perfectly together. “Friend Like You” is their newest track, this is surely going to be a song to add to your summer collection due to the mood it puts you in, happy and energetic.  Everyone should keep an eye out for their soon to be released EP titled “Milkshake” which has 6 fresh tracks for you to listen too. This will be released on 22nd April. After the set, Jaws frontman Connor Schofield described the band in four words, “Hippie Heavy Metal Rock”. If you’re into that type of stuff you should definitely check them out at

By Will Rea

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