Vibing on a Sunday Afternoon

Hey, it’s Sunday, here’s what I have been listening to recently when I’m hung-over, cooking eggs and straight up mossing. These upcoming artists are mad good, so give them a listen. Oya Noire This Brooklyn R&B singer has been surrounded by a musical rich environment for all of her life, now she is preparing to... Continue Reading →

New Band #12: The Zephyr Bones

It’s cool when someone sends you new music from a country far away, especially if that music is exciting, but also brings you to a place where the sun shines and the waves crash against the shore. The music in question is from a band that resides in Barcelona called The Zephyr Bones. Brian (Guitar-Vox-Synth), Jossip... Continue Reading →

New Band #11: Pet Sun

There is a new type of sun warming up the citizens of Toronto on cold winter days and it is in a form of a band, named Pet Sun. Made up of Hamilton high school friends Parth Jain, Stephane Senecal-Tremblay, Pat Leblanc and Sam Rashid, these gnarly dudes play some of Toronto’s finest radical lo-fi... Continue Reading →

New Band #10: Youth Man

Kaila Whyte, Adam Haitof and Marcus Perks make up the band with a go-for-it attitude called Young Man. The Psych-Punk band began to kick up a fuss when they released their debut EP “Youth” which gained popularity among the underground music scene, going beyond all of their original expectations. Being three high school friends, the... Continue Reading →

New Band #9: The Anecdotes

  Blossoming from the small town of Stockton Heath in England, a band known as The Anecdotes are making waves in their own way. At the beginning of 2012 four college teenagers decided to make some noise in their local community. On guitar and vocals is Matt Hensley, whilst Mike Rowlinson is shredding it on... Continue Reading →

New Band #8: Cassels

From a small town in West Oxfordshire, two brothers purely out of boredom decided to see if they could make music, and indeed they could. Jim and Loz Beck, united by brotherhood formed the band Cassels. At the end of last year Jim and Loz moved to London to tighten up their sound and get... Continue Reading →

New Band #7: Wide Eyed

Yet another band has emerged from the streets of Birmingham, they are called Wide Eyed. Jake, Tommy, Max, and Aaron formed last year and they have only released a couple of exclusive demos that were only available on a certain day. You can listen to Wide Eyed here:

New Band #6: MONEY

Manchester at the moment is pumping out another fantastic sounding band. The band is M O N E Y and they have been making angelic but yet melancholy music since late 2011. Jamie Lee (vocals, guitar), Charlie Cocksedge (guitar, keyboard), Scott Beaman (bass, keyboard), Billy Byron (drums) make up M O N E Y and... Continue Reading →

New Band #5: Embers

It is time to get really excited about a band from Manchester, they sound like they have been around for years, however they’ve only been going since the end of 2011. Embers is what George Agan (vocals, guitar), Will Clutton (bass, keyboards), Steve Mclnerney (guitar) and Nathan Howard (drums) call themselves and the music they... Continue Reading →

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