Josef Salvat // O2 Academy Brixton // November 23, 2014

The California goddess Banks, has yet again wowed her admirers performing songs from her recent album ‘Goddess’ at the O2 Academy Brixton on the 23rd November. However her support act, Josef Salvat may have just stolen the show.

Music so haunting and captivating that you can do anything but listen and be taken away with him. The Australian singer songwriter, has kicked off with the new found discovery of ‘This Life’ on the internet, the internet can do wonders. His other song ‘Hustler’ has also caught many people’s attention. With wonderfully odd and deep lyrics he has definitely giving an intriguing and twisted pull to make people want more, ‘You will call me a harlot, you will call me a whore…I’ve got the heart of a hustler a body of a lover with a masochists brain’. With his dark, but inspiring, and beautiful music he has really started off well.

When supporting Banks he created his own little show right there and then that made people stop, stare and not help but watch his magical movements across the stage. The dark background and the occasional flash of lights he really made the crowd feel like they have been transported into a, sensual, sensitive, shaded world of twisted and deep inspiring music.


By Kyra Harris

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