T in the Park // Friday: Drenge, Wolf Alice, & HAIM

T in the Park was off to an incredibly noisy and momentous start on Friday, July 11th with the two Derbyshire brothers, also know as Drenge, totally obliterated their set at King Tut’s Wah Wah Tent.

They walked on stage and immediately injected the audience with sudden guitar distortion, which led into “Face Like A Skull”. Eoin’s heavily fuzzy guitar along with Rory’s fast pace drumming stirred up the crowd into a moshing frenzy. Plunging straight into “Necromancer Is Dead”, it was becoming clear that the sheer noise level was at a point where any on lookers could see the whole stage shaking, it’s unbelievable to think two individuals can create music with so much depth and power. “Bloodsports”, the immense intro soared through the tent and made the crowd mimic Drenge’s stage presents, which was basically some epic head banging. Nearing the end of their set, Eoin encouraged everyone to come closer to the stage, but due to the civilized nature of the audience, a stage invasion was averted. To close their set, Drenge played “Let’s Pretend” which steadily rocked the audience into a call for more. Sadly there was no more of Drenge on that sunny Friday, but if you ever have a chance to see them or any of these bands live, just go.

To my Toronto brethren, Drenge is playing with Wax Witches at The Garrison on July 29th.

Later on in the afternoon, Wolf Alice took to the T Break Stage to perform to a small yet eager audience. They begun by waking up the crowd with the powerful and notable tune “Moaning Lisa Smile”, it immediately pulled on the heart strings of the dedicated fans. Pulling material from their two wonderful EP’s, Blush & Creature Songs, Wolf Alice were set on playing a remarkable show. At one point Elli and Theo started to look like they were in a Motown group what with their synchronized dance moves, which amused some audience members. After what seemed like a small set, Wolf Alice walked off stage only to come out again to their loyal greet fans.

The Haim sisters from Los Angeles, California were the next act to perform over at the Main Stage that evening. The crowd was in for a really special set from HAIM, especially seeing that it was a lovely day outside. To open the show, the dreamy voice of Danielle echoed across the sea of people, exposing them to the catchy indie-pop anthem of “Falling”. Now, for all of the Fleetwood Mac fans in the audience it was an awesome day to see HAIM. The classic riff of “Oh Well” flooded the stage and the classic bass face of Este was in full force. To finish off the pleasant Friday, HAIM performed “Let Me Go” which ended in an immense synchronized drumming session from the three sisters.

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