Bombay Bicycle Club O2 Birmingham Review // 8.03.2014

Bombay Bicycle Club are a band that have progressed over time and now with four albums under their belts, the recent So Long See You Tomorrow landing at number one in the UK album charts, they certainly have a lot to celebrate. The band performed an excellent headline show at the O2 Academy Birmingham this Saturday (March 8th) with support from upcoming London four-piece Flyte and Bombay Bicycle Club’s new collaborator Rae Morris who can be heard on their recent single “Luna.”

Flyte kicked off proceedings by strolling on stage and introducing themselves as a very new band that were extremely happy to be there. From their first song it was clear that they deserved to be a support band on this tour as the previously chatty and restless crowd were soon stood fixated on to stage. Their sound is perhaps quite hard to pin down as the tracks they played seemed to be quite diverse. Sitting between catchy riffs and some quieter more reflective pieces but all held the attention of the crowd, even provoking a bit of movement from some of the eager Bombay Bicycle Club fans. The band can be checked out on their Soundcloud page, with the song Over and Out being a particular one to listen to. Elsewhere the band have just released their first proper single on iTunes, “We Are the Rain” which is worth a listen. With limited material Flyte are a very fresh band indeed but have potential so are well worth checking out.

Rae Morris was the next act on stage arriving rather quietly; that is until she began to sing. As the evidence on Bombay Bicycle Club’s latest offering has already shown us Rae Morris has an extremely powerful voice, (she’s the one that sings on the belter of a chorus on the track Luna). Sitting centre stage in the spotlight Rae Morris proved that as well as having an amazing voice she also has a real flair for song writing. Some of the slower pieces may not have proved as accessible to the entire audience but it was clear from watching that she has true potential to make it big. You have to give Bombay Bicycle Club credit for picking talented female vocalists and you can hear Rae Morris at her best on the track “Skin” which is now available to download on her website for free.

After the wait, Bombay Bicycle Club finally made their grand entrance to a frenzied fan reaction with an impressive animated backdrop, showcasing the artistic style of their new album cover. The familiar opener to their new album “Overdone” began and the crowd went wild. It’s testament to Bombay Bicycle Club that even though throughout their set they managed to play every single track from their new album that the fans really enjoyed. Bombay Bicycle Club have without question reached a new level of success and fame, and their performance reflected this. Not only was the act supported by bright colours and wonderful imagery but they had a large group of extra musicians on stage to support them. There was a three-piece mini brass band that stepped in to lend a more jazzy tone to some of the songs, a highlight being the infamous track “Always Like This” that got a fresh and groovy sound. Bombay Bicycle Club have came a long way from their humble beginnings in a short space of time and it’s clear that they are looking towards the future with their new sounds and success, but this does not mean they have forgotten their roots. The setlist spanned their whole career with each track leading to excited whoops and cheers from the fans and the lyrics chanted back to the band from the excitable and sweaty crowd. Other highlights included the track “Luna” when Rae Morris was welcomed back on stage to perform and the early track “Evening/Morning” proving to be a fast-paced fan favourite. A relentless and electric performance finally came to a close with the band coming back to the stage for an encore Finishing with the track “Carry Me”, but as the evening proved the band is in no need of being carried by anyone, having finally reached a level of success worthy of their talent. Where else for the band to go now but up?

Jack Rea

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