Together Pangea Toronto Show Review & Photos

On the night of February 18th down in The Drake Underground, people were gathering to witness a small yet great event. Together PANGEA along with Mozes & The Firstborn had come out to Toronto to play their gnarly tunes as well as share some drinks with the crowd. Also on the bill were Toronto’s own Pet Sun, and there was a secret band called Tonka Puma. It was going to be a good night with sweet music and snakebites (alcoholic drink).

The heavy sounds of Pet Sun started the evening at a really thrilling and quick pace. For some of the audience members it was the first time seeing this amazing local band, and it is safe to say that everyone was blown away by their psychedelic infused surf fuzz sounds. When Pet Sun walked off the stage, everyone was in awe of them and they left a lot of healthy vibes floating around the room.

Then it was time for Mozes & The Firstborn to show the crowd their musical skills. The Netherland band began playing their lo-fi tunes with some incredibly catchy lyrics, which made you want to sing along. It was like listening to all the fresh new lo-fi punk bands from Los Angeles all rolled into one. The experience was quite spectacular. The Underground became more alive with each song they performed, gradually getting the audience pumped for together PANGEA. Then it was time for a surprise set from local punk rockers, Tonka Puma. The short high energy set was pretty awesome, just the raw bass line along with the pounding drums was enough to form a miniature mosh pit right in front of the stage.

After chatting to the locals and drinking some snakebites, together PANGEA picked up their instruments and strode on stage. Everyone was buzzing at this moment, together PANGEA’s phenomenal new album Badillac had just been released a week before so the audience couldn’t wait until they heard it live. They pleased the crowd with some oldies like “Night of the Living Dummy” and “Too Drunk To Cum”.  Even though The Underground was not packed full of people, but that didn’t stop Toronto’s most famous crowd surfer from doing his stuff. The PANGEA lads were on top form, at one point Danny the bassist started playing with his teeth. With the songs off Badillac, it was like hearing and seeing a legendary band perform (they are). There was such a massive groove going on with loads of energy when they played “River” and “Sick Shit”, and it was like that all the way through the performance. The night ended, everyone was ecstatic as well as being slightly drunk and there were smiles all around. Thank you so much to together PANGEA, Mozes & The Firstborn, Pet Sun, Tonka Puma, and The Drake Hotel.   

together PANGEA:

Mozes & The Firstborn:

Pet Sun:

Tonka Puma:

Here is an interview with together PANGEA:

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