Swim Deep – Manchester Ritz 01/02/14

Last night, Birmingham boys Swim Deep performed at The Fly Awards in The Manchester Ritz.  Supported by Bloody Knees and The Magic Gang, it was evident from the start that this was going to be a good gig.

The night began early with the first support, Magic Gang. They are a 4-piece from Brighton via London with an interesting sound. Check out their only available single “Shallow” which they included in the set; it provides a sound of shrill guitar and hazy vocals that contradict perfectly. The only flaw of their set was that the crowd were still dazed and waiting for the evening to start. This was a real shame for such a good sound, but it is sometimes the case for first supports.  Keep your eye on these guys.

Next, Cambridge hailing and proud band, Bloody Knees, move in with excitement and adrenaline.  The slacker-punk sound hit the audience within seconds of performance, and it hit them hard. It was interesting to see if the dazed Swim Deep fans would cope at first with a sound so harsh and loud but it was evident that they could. With the help of frontman Bradley Griffiths there was soon movement and the odd crowd surf. Thumbs up to these guys for really pre-warming the crowd and forcing them out of their bemused state, even if it was with a slap around the face. Check out their single “Ears, Eyes, Ohs and Yous” on SoundCloud.

Finally it was Swim Deep’s turn. The guys we had all been waiting for took to the stage with a breeze of cool and calm air to the theme tune of Jurassic Park, a weird choice that reflects the quirky tone of the band. The crowd erupted with cheer and enthusiasm at this point.  They were finally awake, multiple circle pits and endless crowd surfers bathed in the bustle and mass of people. The set consisted mainly of their album “Where The Heaven Are We” and due to its release being during the festival season of last year, people were familiar with it and poured their hearts out along with every song.

A nice surprise was when the opening beats of Cyndi Lauper’s ‘Girls Just Want To Have Fun’ started. The crowd erupted and instantaneously every member in attendance began to sing in (almost)perfect unison. This was a great song choice for the band as the majority of their fans are girls and this number is growing, so obviously it was one dedicated to the ladies in the room, nerveless even the males sang along.

The night continued with the entirety of the album being played, this iconic collection delivered amazing successes, each song popular and known. Not one song was left behind; every single by the B-Town boys deserved a place on their live set. Then the misty sound of the opening of ‘She Changes The Weather’ floated into the audience. An eruption of noise followed and the song began. It was a beautiful addition to the set and a loved love song.

Overall, the night was a complete success. An amazing evening full of movement, happiness and a positive atmosphere. Swim Deep had crafted this to perfection. It was evident that this was a great event enjoyed by all, even the band members. As a crowd we felt privileged to share these emotions with our so respected boys. Content and satisfied.

-Will Rea


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