TOY Toronto Show Review & Interview

It had been over a month since their Heavenly brothers, Temples, took to the stage of The Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto. However, on the cold January 14th evening it was TOY’s turn to conquered the famous venue and give Toronto one incredible performance.  Seeing how it was one of their first gigs in Canada, the venue was packed full of people brewing with excitement.

TOY began the night with “Colours Running Out”, immediately striking the audience with psychedelic-rock infused sounds. The show was off to a good start, everything sounded so tight and perfect which made the crowd get more into the music giving TOY a surge of energy. Next came the fast moving “Kopter”, accompanied by some light moshing in the centre of the checkered dance floor. Then it was time to calm down a little bit with “You Won’t Be The Same”, off their latest album Join The Dots. From there on in the night kept on getting better and better with “Left Myself Behind” and “Frozen Atmosphere”, 
before you knew it, TOY was announcing the last song of the evening. They performed “Join the Dots” then left the stage, however the crowd wanted more and called out for an encore, which never came. In the end, fans stuck around to meet the members of TOY and praised them on their impressive show.



1. Colours Running Out

2. Kopter

3. You Won’t Be The Same

4. Left Myself Behind

5. Frozen Atmosphere

6. Dead & Gone

7. Motoring

8. Fall Out of Love

9. My Heart Skips a Beat

10. Join the Dots

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