Pixies Toronto Show Review

On January 15th, outside of the glorious Massey Hall in Toronto, people gathered to see the great Boston band, Pixies. It had almost been 3 years since the Pixies graced Toronto with their presence, however this time round fans were curious about what they were going to get since the departure of bassist Kim Deal.

As people trickled into the grand venue, the Los Angeles band FIDLAR took to the stage with faces of amazement due to the sheer size of Massey Hall. For FIDLAR, opening up for the Pixies was a dream come true, however the audience was not impressed except for a handful of people on the balcony. It was quite surreal seeing a punk band play in a place where there is comfortable reclining seats and ushers to guide you where you want to be.

Soon after FIDLAR finished their performance, floods of people were crowding into the hall. Then, after everyone was settled it was time for the Pixies to show Toronto what they were made of. They opened up with calm and soothing “Silver Snail”, followed by the Peter Ivers cover of “In Heaven (Lady in the Radiator Song)”. At first the audience was not that into it, during the first couple songs they didn’t get up out of their seats and there was only respectful clapping after every song. It was starting to look like the crowd had no flare, but then the classic “Here Comes Your Man” made its way through out the hall which caused everyone to rise up out of the seats and sing along. After that it seemed like there was a certain warmth in the crowd and the hall had finally come to life. The night progressed with a mix of Doolittle, Surfer Rosa, and their newest material EP2. “Where Is My Mind?”, the crowd roared as one of the songs they were anticipating for the whole night traveled through the sound system at an unusually faster pace. As the night was coming to an end there was just a little time for coolio guitar solo in the form of “Vamos”, which included Joey playing his guitar behind his back and spinning around like a madman. After 33 songs it was time for everyone to say their goodbyes and go home, however it was certain that everyone had a fantastic night and they wouldn’t forget it for the rest of their lives.

Pixies Toronto Setlist:

“Silver Snail”

“In Heaven (Lady in the Radiator Song)” (Peter Ivers cover)

“Andro Queen”

“Nimrod’s Son”

“Brick Is Red”

“Another Toe in the Ocean”

“Here Comes Your Man”

“La La Love You”

“Indie Cindy”

“Motorway to Roswell”

“Bone Machine”

“I’ve Been Tired”

“Tony’s Theme”

“Levitate Me”



“Snakes” (live debut)



“Monkey Gone to Heaven”


“Greens and Blues”

“Where Is My Mind?”

“Gouge Away”


“Broken Face”

“Head On” (The Jesus and Mary Chain cover)

“What Goes Boom”

“Blue Eyed Hexe”

“Something Against You”




“Planet of Sound”

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