MGMT Toronto Show Review December 7, 2013

On the cold day of December 7th in the early afternoon, people started lining up outside of the Sound Academy in Toronto with sleeping bag and thermal blankets to see the Brooklyn rockers, MGMT. A few hours later the line was filled with brightly dressed people, some of them were kids experiencing their first concert, and others were fans that had been waiting three years for MGMT to come back to Toronto. Finally the doors opened and everyone was eager to get inside.

The Sound Academy started to come to life as the crowd rushed towards the stage. When everybody was in and settled, it was time for Kuroma to open the night and warm the audience up. As soon as they started playing the crowd was intrigued. Their quick clean sounds cut through the air with the distinctive voice of front man Hank Sullivant echoing across the venue. It seemed like song after song was a hit with the people. With their set nearly over, it was certain that Kuroma rallied the people for the great MGMT as they walked off stage.

Soon after, the lights dimed and out came MGMT along with Kuroma to start with the soft psychedelic song, “Alien Days”. Projected on a screen at the back of the stage were live distorted images of MGMT, which made the whole visual experience unbelievable. Next came the familiar guitar riff of “Time To Pretend” which caused some members of the audience to light up their joints, drop acid, and sing along. Deep into the set there was a certain feel that came from the vibes of MGMT, of course that feel was electric and everyone started to get energized. Then they put a giant cowbell on stage and it was time for two very lucky fans to play “Your Life Is A Lie” on it. After the amateur cowbell playing, “Kids” came through the speakers and the venue began jumping. After the encore the night was almost done. MGMT took a bow, deserted the stage, and left the audience almost as high as they were.

Written by Daniel Ashworth

Photos by Luke Ashworth

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