Temples Toronto Show Review November 20, 2013

On the night of November 20th, the legendary Horseshoe Tavern was becoming crowded with excited faces waiting to see a new British invasion. From their small town in the heart of England, UK-based band Temples invaded North America to spread their neo-psych sounds around the continent.

Starting the music for the night were The Auras, who quickly captivated the attention of the audience with their magnificent chilled rock sound and calm guitar hooks. Then Invasions took the stage along with phenomenal surf-rock riffs and beats along with a hint of Latino trumpet to make their whole sound just a little bit more spectacular.

After the amazing support bands it was time for the incredible sounds of Temples. They strode on stage looking like they just came from the 70’s, channeling the glam rock style. The audience gave them a warm welcoming seeing how it was Temples first time being in Canada. Starting with the almost Egyptian infused sounding tune of “The Golden Throne”, it seemed that everyone was swept away by something truly great. From there the heavy drums of “Sun Structures” kicked in with reverberations from the lead guitar making a calm yet boisterous sound.

As the night went on, the performance became more and more vibrant with every song being a colourful masterpiece. Then, as quickly as it had started there was only time for one more. “Shelters Song” was the finale and what a finale it was, the crowd giving out the giant roar as the well-known guitar hook blasted from the speakers and with that, the rest was history. Pre-order your copy of Temples debut album “Sun Structures” here.

Temples Interview:

“Colours To Life” by Temples

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