Kate Nash Toronto Show Review November 5, 2013

Standing on stage in a bright red dress armed with a bass guitar in hand it was certain that British artist, Kate Nash & her Girl Gang came to give the Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto one heck of a show. Since the release of her adrenaline injected third studio album titled “Girl Talk”, Kate Nash is currently on a global tour bringing punk bass-lines and her aggressive voice to dedicated fans.

Katy Goodman from Vivian Girls started the night with the feel good sounds of her band, La Sera. The Californian vibes hit the audience when the first note was struck and from there on in it seemed like everyone was in a happy mood. When “Please Be My Third Eye” came on there was a sudden burst of energy that weaved its way through the crowd and got them ready for Kate Nash.

Just before Kate strolled on stage, clips of old film and images of Kate were projected on a screen in the back as well as on vintage TV’s that also showed a picture of a bunny at times. One by one the Girl Gang appeared, then Kate came on stage and there were ecstatic screams from the audience. It was apparent by the first song “Sister”, that it was going to be a kick ass punk show with hearty moments in-between. The Phoenix holds some sour memories for Kate, she explained that at the start of her 2010 North American tour she was wrestling with her drummer and he broke her ankle. But putting that aside, Kate and her Girl Gang gave it their all. At the end of it all Kate encouraged the audience on stage for an epic finale with Kate performing a stage dive.

Pictures: Cameron Allen

Check out the interview and the making of below:

Bonfire Night ft Kate Nash:

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