Peter Hook & The Light Toronto Show Review

It was on the night of Thursday September 19th in Toronto at The Hoxton where Peter Hook, former Joy Division and New Order bassist brought the audience of the Hacienda styled venue to a time when New Order was at the top. As the sun was setting over Toronto, The Hoxton started to fill with anticipation as the show drew closer and closer.

At the moment when everyone was ready for the show to start, Californian instrumental duo El Ten Eleven walked on stage to take the audience’s breath away. From the first note they played, the crowd was in a some sort of a trance. The sound coming from the stage seemed like their were more than two musicians playing, this was down to the amazing talent of Kristian Dunn and Tim Fogarty. By using a double neck guitar/bass or fretless bass with an array of effects pedals and live looping, all being supported with a mixture of quick acoustic or electric drumming, El Ten Eleven is a truly remarkable band. To make the audience more excited they even played “Disorder”, and the reaction was a sign that it was going to be an incredible night.

After El Ten Eleven finished and drinks were refilled, it was time for Peter Hook along with his band The Light to stride on stage and give the crowd at night that they would never forget. It started with the haunting “In A Lonely Place”, with that came an eeriness which fell onto the whole venue. Then the energy picked up in the room as the well know riff of “Ceremony” echoed through The Hoxton, everyone at this point was singing along with Peter Hook with huge smiles on their faces. This continued all throughout the show when classic after classic song was played, the smiles getting even larger when Hooky shook someone’s hand in the front row. What Hooky brought to the Toronto was an once or twice in a lifetime chance to hear the music from Joy Division and New Order played by a guy that was at the heart of it, for that Toronto thanks you Peter Hook.

Words by Daniel Ashworth & pictures by Luke Ashworth

Check out the Peter Hook interview here.

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