Arctic Monkeys Kool Haus Gig Review

It was a rainy day in Toronto on Sunday September 15th, some would say that it was just like England.  However that did not stop Arctic Monkeys fans from lining for hours on end outside of the Kool Haus just so they could gain a good view of the UK’s most famous bands from this decade.

With the huge success of their new album “AM” going number one in the UK album charts and also being nominated for a Mercury Prize, Arctic Monkeys are having one heck of a year.

The doors opened and the crowd started to flood into the venue, not sure if they should stop at the merchandise to save them from getting anything on the way out or to just find the perfect view of the stage. New York based  band The Drowners were the opening act for Arctic Monkeys. They did a pretty good job at getting the audience rowdy with their punk drums and twangy guitars all contributing to a light indie pop sound.

After The Drowners played their set the lights went dark and the roar from the crowd was unbelievable as the intro to “Do I Wanna Know?” started playing. Then the Sheffield lads walked onto the stage, looking sharp in their suites with the exception of Matt, wearing a baseball shirt with Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High? written on it. The solid kick drum beat echoed all around the room with the awesome guitar riff which everyone knew, Alex slicked back his hair to get ready for a one awesome night. Then the Sheffield lads starting playing “Brianstorm” and with that it looked like half the audience crowd surfed their way to the front, but quickly composing themselves to “Get On Your Dancing Shoesas Alex put it.

After many glorious songs they went off, however they came back and did such an amazing encore that no audience member would ever forget it. The first song was “One For The Road” which is off the new album, then came the famous three beats of “Fluorescent Adolescent” which the crowd went mental for. Everybody started singing along and as quickly as it started it quickly ended. For the next song the whole place needed just to calm down a bit as the haunting synth of “505” came on, no one expected that one.

That rainy Sunday was filled with pure happiness and love for the music which sent the audience home with smiles on their faces, it was a fantastic night.

A Review by Daniel Ashworth

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