Apollo Talks To Pete From The Vaccines

Apollo sent some question to The Vaccines to see what they have be up to, and Pete Robertson the drummer very kindly answered them.

So, what have The Vaccines been up to recently?

“We’re coming towards the end of a summer full of festivals all across europe and the USA. Right now we’re on a month long tour supporting Mumford and Sons in the States and Canada, and after a few shows of our own we join Phoenix to support them on their arena tour, again all across the USA.”

You have basically been on tour for three years now and played at hundreds of venues. So the big question is, what has been your favourite festival so far this year? Best festival experience?

“There have been so many amazing experiences but for us I think playing the Pyramid stage at Glastonbury was one of the highlights. It’s such an iconic place for anyone with an interest in music so to be able to play there was an incredible experience. We also had an amazing Lollapalooza this year.”

What was the creative process in making the Melody Calling EP? How did it differ from the creation of the other two albums?

“Every recording we’ve done has been a result of quite different creative processes really. The EP came from a real surge in creativity from Justin who just found himself writing some really great songs and we really wanted to go and spend some time being creative with them in the studio. Both albums were recorded pretty much live and we felt that the time had come to branch into a different style of production, something that was a little more involved and intricate, so when the possibility of working with John Hill came up we were really excited. His music is rock and roll but he’s also incredibly creative with electronic music and more beat-led music which we love so the idea of harnessing that element appealed us. And when Rich Costey wanted to get involved as well it was a no-brainer. It made perfect sense.”

It would be pretty hard to play in the small venue since the band has a huge fan base, however is there a chance that you may do any secret gigs in intimate venues in the not to distant future?

“We’re actually in a pretty unusual position of being able to do different sized gigs all over the world, so after playing to 10,000 people in London we go and play to 500 in Kuala Lumpur or 3,000 in New York so it’s pretty awesome to have all those experiences. We have discussed doing a gig in one of the first venues we ever played at sometime soon so that’d be fun but who knows…”

For the music enthusiasts out there that are wanting some new bands to listen to, could you each individually tell us what new music are you currently listening to?

“The last Phosphorescent album is amazing. As is the last Unknown Mortal Orchestra record. They’re both on heavy rotation in the dressing room.”

“Post Break-Up Sex” by The Vaccines

A huge thank you to Pete, The Vaccines, Julia, and to everybody behind the scenes.

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