Gentlemen Of The Road Simcoe Stopover

Gentlemen Of The Road Simcoe Stopover is TODAY and Apollo is going to be there for the whole of it, bringing you everything and anything that happens. But first of all, you need to plan for it so here is all the stuff that you will need to know.

Where & When:

It will take place on August 23rd to August 24th at the Norfolk County Fairgrounds in Simcoe, Ontario, click here to get directions:


If you are camping the fairgrounds open on Thursday, August 22 at 4 PM and closes on Sunday August 23rd. Click here for more information on camping:


Pop-up Shop:

There will be a GOTR shop at 12 Peel Street, which is about a 12-minute walk from the fairground. It will be open during the festival between 9 AM and 5 PM. They are also making limited edition hand-printed posters that are up for sale, so get them while they’re hot off the press.


Street Fair:

If you wanted to go to the Gentlemen Of The Road Stopover but didn’t get a ticket, there is street fair in downtown Simcoe. Click here for more details:

If you’re unfamiliar with some of the bands that are playing at the stopover check out the Apollo playlists below:

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