Field Report #3: The Family Rain Music Video Shoot & Marc Bolan’s Memorial

At 6 o’clock on the morning of July 22nd I ventured back down to London to be in an extra in an awesome music video. The Family Rain partnered up with the motion graphic company Powster, to make the world’s first Orbital video for their song, “Reason To Die”. I got to The Water Rats Theater Bar where the shoot was taking place, which is near Kings Cross and I had plenty of time to spare, so I sat down and ate my sandwich. Then it was time to go into the venue where the music video was being shot with 16 cameras all around the stage and they were also on a handheld mount. It took a long time and there were tons of takes but it was an unbelievable experience, plus everyone got to meet The Family Rain. Also I met James, the guy that did the photos below, check his website out here. Another person I met was Erica, and she makes playlists for her website, which you can visit here. Then it was over so I had to leave, I jumped on a bus and then another, then walked to where I wanted to be.

That night some friends and I went to the Marc Bolan memorial in Barnes, London. Bolan was the lead singer and guitarist from the 70s Glam rock band called T.Rex. He died in 1977 in a car crash, the driver was his wife Gloria Jones.

Marc Bolan is one of my favourite artists and it was such an experience being at his memorial. The next morning I left the great city of London behind on the train, I began chatting to this woman that noticed my David Bowie bag. I said that I was really into music and then she said she knew the drummer from the British band called Editors, I honestly couldn’t believe it. It was a good weekend and I met people that were so cool. Check out the video down below, and let me know what you think of it. The Family Rain are going on tour and you can check out the dates here.

I am somewhere in the audience. Thank you so much for the photos James Cahill.

“Reason To Die” by The Family Rain. Interactive video: & the making of: 

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