Create Art For Dinosaur Bones!!

Have you ever wanted to create artwork for a band’s merch and tour posters? Well now’s your chance!! Toronto band Dinosaur Bones have launched a contest in partnered up with Creative Allies to bring fans a unique chance to create artwork that may be sold as posters, merch, and other awesome items. Dinosaur Bones wants... Continue Reading →

Meat Market Release A New Single

Do you want a new single from the Meat Market lads? Of course you do!! This Oakland band is releasing two new songs, "Too Tired" and “The Return of Prince Donathunn” on 500 limited edition 7" (400 black vinyl, 100 coke-bottle clear) and it also comes with a download card. Their sound is like a 60's... Continue Reading →

Band of Skulls & Their New Album

Southampton rockers, Band Of Skulls, announced on August 14 that they are into the final week of recording their third studio album, "Into the final week of recording album number 3!". Whilst on tour at the end of April they posted "New songs Stacking up. Can't wait to play them out sometime soon." Along with... Continue Reading →

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