Music Publisher Being Sued By Marc Bolan’s Son

According to the BBC, Rolan Seymour Feld the son of Marc Bolan from Tyranousaurus Rex (T.Rex) filed a court case last week against the UK based music publisher, Westminster Music Limited for not renewing their contract to use Bolan’s songs. Rolan is suing the company for $2m (£1.2) stating that he is the sole owner of his father’s compositions.

Marc Bolan, his real name Mark Feld formed the UK glam rock band T.Rex in 1967 and had huge success in the 70’s with songs like Get It On and Ride A White Swan. Sadly, in 1977 just two years after Rolan was born, Marc died in a tragic car crash in Barnes, London.

For more information visit:

Here is a T.Rex playlist:

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