Field Report #1: Field Day Festival 2013

Dan Ashworth: Field Day Festival, Victoria Park, London.

IMG_0372On Saturday, May 25th I decided to venture out to Victoria Park in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets for an awesome music festival called Field Day. Founded in 2007 by music promoters Tom Baker (not the 5th Doctor) and Marcus Weedon, Field Day has seen the likes of Foals, Caribou, Efterklang, The Horrors, Warpaint, and many more. So this is my field report of Field Day Festival 2013.

The sun was shining and there was not a cloud in the sky, so I headed off to the Laneway Stage to see my first band of the day, which were Charlie Boyer & The Voyeurs. Their set was alright, but because there was a huge gap between the barrier where the crowd was and the stage it seemed like we were miles away from the band, every stage had this though which I found disappointing. Also, Charlie Boyer & The Voyeurs were pretty dull on stage and only captivated me through their songs.

After the Charlie Boyer & The Voyeurs set, I was just wandering around eating a sausage roll and then to my amazement on the set times board for the Shacklewell Arms stage was a band that I have been wanting to see for ages, Toronto’s very own Metz. The punk trio gave an amazing performance by moshing with each other on stage whilst playing their instruments was so much fury. They released their debut album in October of last year and since then they’ve been expanding their fan base worldwide. Then after all the riving about it was time to calm down a little bit with the London band, Splashh. They were alright, however going on after Metz there was a huge difference in stage presents which made the crowd a little bit bored at some moments.

Then after Splashh it was time to see Savages at the Laneway Stage. Their set was amazing, they were so energetic and the crowd just loved their post-punk sound. Whilst I was listening to them, Chilli from Palma Violets came up to me and we started chatting about music, which was awesome. Then I was waiting for Palma Violets to come on, I saw a very old friend of my family and she was helping do the sound for the festival. Before long, Palma Violets launched themselves onto the stage to give the audience the most fantastic performance of the whole day. At one point during the set, Chilli asked the audience to hop over the barrier and jump on stage, which they did until security kicked the crowd off. I met up with Harry as well, the 5th Palma Violet, and talked to him for a little bit. I was going to hang around and see the rest of Palma Violets, however I needed to catch a train. So I travelled across London hoping to catch the train back to where I was sleeping, which luckily I did.

Check out the playlist I put together for all the bands that I saw and the bands that I didn’t see:

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