Field Report #2: David Bowie Is…

“I have always had a repulsive need to be something more than human” David Bowie  Last year NME conducted a poll to crown the ultimate icon of its lifetime. Bowie came third. A respectable place yes, but it could be argued that his influence was overlooked. Outraged by this I brought the debate to the arena... Continue Reading →

The Lifts – New Video & Debut EP

The 3-piece Toronto band The Lifts just released their debut music video for their new song, "Sky Is Peeling" on July 22nd.  The video is 3765 hand-drawn frames, directed and animated by Gabriel Altrows (guitar and lead vocals). Along with the video, The Lifts released their debut EP on July 25th, you should listen to... Continue Reading →

New Band #8: Cassels

From a small town in West Oxfordshire, two brothers purely out of boredom decided to see if they could make music, and indeed they could. Jim and Loz Beck, united by brotherhood formed the band Cassels. At the end of last year Jim and Loz moved to London to tighten up their sound and get... Continue Reading →

FIDLAR – New “Cocaine” Video

If you were fired from your job, would you react like this guy (Nick Offerman)? Directed by Ryan Baxley, FIDLAR's newest video for their song "Cocaine" follows Nick on his drunken piss path of public urination. If you don't know FIDLAR you should listen to their punk music. Watch the video down below, contains nudity:... Continue Reading →

Field Report #1: Field Day Festival 2013

Dan Ashworth: Field Day Festival, Victoria Park, London. On Saturday, May 25th I decided to venture out to Victoria Park in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets for an awesome music festival called Field Day. Founded in 2007 by music promoters Tom Baker (not the 5th Doctor) and Marcus Weedon, Field Day has seen the likes... Continue Reading →

SV: New Album From Sweet Valley

Ok, so if you don't know who Sweet Valley is, it's fine. Nathan Williams from Wavves is in it as well as his brother, Joel 'Kynan' Williams. Unlike the Californian surf punk sounds of Wavves, Nathan and Joel have decided to go for more of a hip-hop/weird electronica plus an "awesomely off the rails" sound for Sweet... Continue Reading →

Night Engine at The Great Escape Festival

The London band Night Engine has released a video of their time at The Great Escape Festival in Brighton. The first song in this video is the ending of "Treat Me Like A Baby" and the second song is one of their new ones titled, "On & On". Visit Night Engine.

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